The Biggest Story

What do you think is the biggest story that ever happened in history? Was it a story during World War 1 or World War 2? Or was it either one of the wars itself? Was it the invention of the first plane or the telephone? Or was it the landing of man on the moon, and so forth?

There are countless stories about different men and women all over the world. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of biographies and autobiographies were written about famous, not-so-famous, and infamous people – historical and legendary figures, and all. Whose story was the greatest of them all? Was it Alexander the Great? Kublai or Genghis Khan? Napoleon Bonaparte? Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? Whose?

There are stories about people who make headline news: politicians, movie stars, sports heroes, or criminals. There are also stories about successful people in business, technology, science, arts, and so forth. There are also lesser stories like of those who were injured or died in accidents, diseases, wars, or poverty. Little known or unknown stories about people abound too, in different parts of the world in different settings, some of them brought to the limelight by media through documentaries.

This world is full of stories of people and places. Some are factual and some are myths, others are just plain fiction. We read books or watch movies for the stories they can bring to us. We derive entertainment, lessons, and inspirations from them.

In today’s age of internet, blogging, and social media, everyone has his or her own little story to tell. Each personal profile more or less brings with it a story about something. Trending stories that go viral are watched daily by millions all over the world. People are hungry for stories.

The world anticipates the next big story or stories on the news daily. Some are preoccupied, if not obsessed with the stories of celebrities. Sensations and controversies draw the most attentions from all over.

The Earth, with over seven billion human population, has billions of stories to tell too. Each human carries his or her own story.

We are so concerned about our own and the rest of the world’s stories that we forgot, neglect, or are maybe ignorant of the one big story that made possible for all the succeeding myriads of stories in this planet Earth. Without this big story that I am referring to, there would be no other story to watch, read, or talk about.

Do you know what I am referring to? It is the Story of God! Our Creator is not even watched or anticipated. He has been largely forgotten together with His story of why this world was created in the first place. Do we know His story? Or do we even care?

What is His story then? Well, once upon a time, there was an invisible God who had neither beginning nor end. He then created the universe and our world out of nothing. He formed everything, both living and non-living things. He made the human species and imparted life into his being. And the rest is history.

What is the meaning or purpose of life according to His perspective? Shouldn’t we be concerned all about it since He is our Creator? What is the story he meant for mankind? Moreover, where is this story heading? Is life a series of mindless events, incidents, and accidents?

He is the originator of a story out of nothing. Shouldn’t we keep track of His original script, and not just take life for granted as it is and make our own life as we wish?
He is the Biggest Story that encompasses all our little stories. It would be to our utmost advantage to somehow discover and “align” our stories to this biggest story, as you would align a wheel to its hub so that it would rotate straight, smooth, and not wiggle.

How? That would point us to the Bible and His Son, to fully comprehend this existence’ biggest story.

We can afford to miss out on many of our world’s little stories, but not on this one – for the consequences are horribly great. Yes, horrible beyond imagination. Let us not “miss the mark” on the essence of living.

Remember the ancient admonition of King David:
“Except the LORD build the house, they labour in VAIN that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman walketh but in vain” (Ps. 127.1 KJV)

Missing the mark means falling into the category of vanity. Let us not be preoccupied with this world, but be occupied by the One who formed it.